Privacy Statement

The names and electronic addresses, which are referred to by the users of this Journal’s site, will be used exclusively for the fulfillment of the internal technical tasks of this Journal; they wouldn’t be distributed and passed to the strange persons.

Manuscripts should be reviewed with the proper respect to the confidence of authors. Presenting their manuscripts to the publishing house for  examination, the authors confide the results of their scientific work and creative efforts ,on which their reputation and career  may depend. The rights of authors may be violated in case of the confidential data revealing at the review process of manuscripts.  Reviewers also have the right to confidence to be supported by the editor.  

Сonfidence may be violated  in case of dishonesty or swindle, but it should be followed in other cases.  
The publishing house shouldn’t divulge information on manuscripts (including their contents, status in the process of examination, the criticism of reviewers or the final fate), to other persons, except authors and reviewers. It includes the requirements in the use of materials for legal actions.
The publishing house should distinctly explain to its reviewers, that the manuscripts, being sent for examination, are the privileged and private property of authors. That’s why the reviewers and the members of the publishing house should respect the rights of authors without any discussion of their work in public and without the appropriation of their ideas to the manuscript’s publication.   Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of manuscripts for their files and also are prohibited to pass them to other persons, except in cases with the presence of the editor allowance.

Reviewers should return or liquidate the copies of manuscripts after the presentation of opinions. The publishing house shouldn’t keep the copies of the rejected manuscripts.
The comments of reviewers cannot be published or promulgated in any other way without the allowance of the reviewer, author and editor.
The thoughts on the fact, whether the reviewer should be anonymous or not, are still different. Authors should be acquainted with the information for the authors of the Journal, to which they decided to present the manuscript, in order to clear up, whether the opinions are anonymous. If the comments are not signed, the reviewers’ personalities shouldn’t be revealed to the author or any other person without the allowance of the reviewers.