Copyright and Licensing

PNAP policy in the field of copyright is aimed at ensuring of the free access to the results of the investigations.

If the article is taken for publication in the Journal, the author should sign the authorship statement. The statement is sent to the post-office (the original) or e-mail address (the scanned copy) of the Journal’s publishing house.

Sending the article to the publishing house, the author (authors) automatically provide the publishing house with the right to editing,  printing in the Journal and allocation of the article in the official site of Poloniyna Academy in Chenstohovo. , The author leaves  for himself the right to reproduce  the article’s contents in the process of teaching, to use the article’s contents in any other work, created by the author, to allocate the article’s copy in his own web-site or the site of the institution, where the author is working, with the reference to  publication in the Journal.

All the materials are spread under conditions of the license Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY, which allows others to distribute the work with the recognition of this work’s authorship and the first publication in this Journal .