Keywords: hypothesises, approach, study, genesis, linguistics


The main purpose of this paper is to understand and consider the theories about the origin of language: to understand why it is such a complicated task for scientists. What is a language, how it developed, a different approaches and researches, which are connected to that problem. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the first language was, how it began – where and when. It's hard to imagine a cultural phenomenon that's more important than the event of language. No human attribute offers can't prove less persuading evidence, regarding its origins. The mystery of its solution, as Christine Kenneally says in her book “The First Word”? lies within the nature of the spoken word. Methods used in study: general and historical information about theories (their description and analysis), methods of theoretical research due to some recent studies, which are crucial for that problem. And it’s important to say that now empirical experiments about the origin of language are losing their necessity and effect, but theoretical approach is more suitable.


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