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The European culture experience based on the meeting of different civilizations and cultures is the area for consolidation of such fundamental universal human values as freedom, democracy, responsibility, participation, solidarity, creative imagination underlying scientific development, inalienable value of conscience, recognition of individual and collective rights, entrepreneurship, innovations and a sense of understanding.

Their priority allows to perceive the role of academic environment whose task is to develop, especially among the younger generation, critical and elective awareness. This awareness is based on the belief that the world is a place of dialogue, place of enrichment and development of scientific research.

PNAP – Scientific Journal of Poloniyna Academy, uniting scientists from different continents, whose scientific articles examine the problems in the field of social, philological and pedagogical sciences. PNAP also includes the review and discussion sections as well as a report section.

I invite You to cooperate with the representatives of research centers, whom the Scientific Council lacks in, practitioners, teachers, academics, Ph.D. candidates, students, whose publications in PNAP, thanks to the scoring system of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and having the prefix DOI, will be read and will become the subject of discussions, debates and exploration of scientific innovations.

I thank the authors who have already established cooperation and those who will do so in terms of submission of their publications. I would also like to express particular gratitude to the members of the Scientific Council, who kindly accepted the invitation to work together and to contribute to the creation of PNAP.

Prof. Andrzej Kryński, PhD
Rector of Polonia University

Current Issue

Vol 59 No 4 (2023): Scientific Journal of Polonia University

Publishing House of Polonia University „Educator”
4/6 Gen. Kazimierza Pulaskiego street, 42-226 Czestochowa, Poland
tel: +48 530 137 864
e-mail: pnap@ap.edu.pl

Published: 2023-11-14

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