Keywords: language, phraseology, research, paradigmatic attitude.


Language is a historical and social phenomenon. The phraseological system of each language was formed as a result of historical evolution and became a system. Despite the fact that phraseological research started in the second half of the 20th century, there has always been an interest in fixed combinations and their position in the language system. The speakers of the language conduct communicative relations at the level of uzus, that is, in a form that the society will understand and understand. The speech differs in its freer character than the uzus. But this difference has a certain range, and communicative relations take place within this range. In our study, the phraseological system of the Azerbaijani and Russian languages is the object of research in the diachronic and synchronic plan. The main goal of writing the article is to provide a scientific analysis of the research conducted so far on paradigmatic forms of phraseological combinations, to explain the theoretical problems of paradigmatic forms of phraseological combinations in comparable languages. During the research, literature analysis, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction methods were used in different languages.


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