Keywords: archetype, concept, artistic space, artistic image, imagery, speech characteristic, gender stereotypes.


The article analyses the plot and imagery of Eleanor Porter’s novel “The Road to Understanding”. Using elements of the phenomenological approach to text analysis, comparative and contrastive analysis, and the methodology of cultural research, the author demonstrates the evolution of the main character’s image and comprehends the typology of women’s images in historical and social contexts. The authors outline the main features of the aesthetics, creative style and outlook of Eleanor Porter. The article proves that the author used irony, artistic detail, psychological narration, contraposition, portrait and speech characteristics of her heroes to reveal their female characters. The author analyses the correlation between the characters in the storyline, defines the importance of the role of minor characters in the main heroine’s character development. The special features of the concept “daughter” are shown as an embodiment of mental notions of spiritual beauty and family happiness. The value of the image-symbol of mother, its role in the composition and the artistic space of the work is revealed. Besides the comparative characteristic of characters in the work is given. In the process of work a search for new ways of analysis of artistic images in the artwork on the basis of interpretation and reader reception was carried out, as well as tradition and innovation in the work of the writer was revealed. The article proves artistic and moral value of Eleanor Porter’s heritage.


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