Keywords: national economy, structural policy, regulation, economic security, internal and external threats.


The article substantiates the objective necessity for introducing strategizing to ensure the effectiveness of structural reform of the national economy. The main characteristics of strategizing, which are hypothetically capable of providing the prerequisites for effective structural changes in the national economy, are identified A list of basic tasks has been given, the solution of these tasks should provide the mechanism for strategizing the structural reform of the national economy. The approaches to improving the use of strategizing in achieving structural policy goals are suggested. It has been found that when new directions of development emerge and form, globalization creates unfavorable conditions for the economic security of the state. The current state of economic development makes it necessary to take into account these challenges in order to ensure stable development and competitiveness of the national economy of Ukraine. The internal and external threats that cause insufficient stability of the economy and results in a decrease in the economic security of our state are characterized. The most important national economic interests are presented the realization of which may lead to well-being and prosperity of the nation.Some ways of improving the economic security policy have been proposed.


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