Keywords: idioms, set expressions, phrase logical unit, sports vocabulary, translation, language of journalism


The proposed article is devoted to the study of set expressions (idioms) transformed from sports vocabulary to everyday language. The features and variations of idioms translation from English into Ukrainian are analyzed on the material of American social and political press. It should be noted that the skillful use of idioms makes the language brighter, expressive, emotionally colored, and evokes certain associations in the reader. It becomes obvious that the final decision on how to use one way or another translation technique of an idiom depends on the context. The article stresses that the use of idioms makes it possible to solve one of the main objectives of journalistic style combined with the highest level of informativeness expressive emotional fullness material. The correct application of any translation technique or method involves a creative approach to solving each specific problem. It is stressed that sports idioms are an important component of the language of modern life. Such phraseological units provide imagery and expressive expressiveness of modern journalistic discourse.


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