Keywords: college, instructor, methodical work, educational institution


The presented Article is devoted to the problem of organization of methodical work in the college of art orientation. The process of radical changes in modern education requires reconstruction and improvement not only the content of education and upbringing, but also approaches to the organization of methodical work. Their application is impossible without competent instructors, who are able to adapt different teaching methods to new conditions. Instructor’s excellence is formed through constant and systematic professional self-improvement and self-education. Methodical work in the college is a holistic system based on the achievements of advanced pedagogical experience and on a specific analysis of educational processes. The Article in the theoretical aspect reveals the forms and methods that can be used in the organization of methodical work of the college in relation to instructors. The effectiveness of methodical work in the college depends on the organization of its system, continuity, purposefulness, consistency, organic connection with the educational and upbringing processes of the college. It should be emphasized that methodical work in the college of art orientation is an integral part of the educational process, as a result of which professional communication plays an important role in the formation of relationships between instructors. Questions to the organization and improvement of methodical work have always been one of the priorities in education.


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