Keywords: development, artist, educational institution, art-industrial school, design


The essence of the term “art-industrial education” is highlighted in the article. The main stages of the development of art – industrial education in Ukraine are singled out. The peculiarities of the formation of art-industrial education at each stage are revealed. It is emphasized that due to the expansion of the centers of the functioning of artistic and craft industrial schools, the artistic style began to go beyond the limits of the one national at the third stage.It is noted that at the present stage of development, the existing system of special art education is looking for new ways to satisfy the demand for specialists in art- and- industrial and design education. The purpose of the article is to analyze the development of art-industrial education in Ukraine. New realities of the country demanded a great number of specialists in the field of applied arts education. Artists, who were capable of independent creative design, industrial painters, who were able to understand the tasks and organize work on their implementation in manufacturing, craftsmen who were aware of the methods of making art products, as well as artisans who had technical drawing skills and were ready to work with increasingly complex technical equipment, were in demand at plants and factories.


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