Keywords: information security, information with limited access, content of information security, information properties


The article analyzes the problematic issues of determining the content of the concept of protection of restricted information, in particular, the authors analyze the existing terminology used by the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of restricted information. The authors of the article, based on existing legislation regulating such information storage measures as information protection, technical protection of information, cryptographic protection of information, cyber protection, using the deductive method of research derived the definition of “protection of restricted information”. In addition, using various scientific research methods, the authors of the article highlight the issues of legal uncertainty and contradictions in the concepts of some types of restricted information protection, which are found in the guidance documents on the subject of research. Also, in the article: the properties of information are derived and the types of operations with information are determined. This took into account the understanding of the concept of “restricted information”, which was defined by one of the authors in his previous work; the idea of the content of protection of restricted information is summarized, and also each of properties of the information which make the content of its protection is investigated.


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