Keywords: mass media, media genre system, advertising, function typology of advertising, communicative strategies and tactics, manipulative influence, social and cultural values


The article defines the communicative criteria of modern advertising genre distinction. Research attention is based on the function as a category that determines the nature of the literary language resource in the context of dynamics of verbalized information. Advertisment is considered as a generic concept that summarizes the types of advertising communication functionally identified with the corresponding genre and its invariants. The author's medialinguistic analysis, correlated with the objectivity of functional stylistics, leads to the differentiation of modern advertising into commercial and social. Having a common nature, these 2 groups of genres of advertising communication, at the same time, contrastingly realize the tasks of informing and influencing the mass linguistic consciousness. The thesis that commercial advertising relies on the manipulative context of verbalization of strategies and tactics – unique offer, positioning, etc. – is illustrated and expertly commented. And the precedent of social advertising context appeals to patterns, values of time and space of culture (life, health, ethical dimension of communication, protection of honor and human dignity, etc.), which have passed communicative approval in the history of the development of world civilization. Research opinions confirmed by linguistic factology in a discussion with other scientists formulate the ideas of medialinguistic analysis of advertising as a complex of genres, invariantly represented in the communicative space of modern mass media.


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