Keywords: energy efficiency, energy saving, renewable energy


The article is devoted to the issues of the functioning and development of energy in each country, caused mainly by the economic expediency of renewable energy and the requirements of energy independence. Also, the article examines the importance of replacing traditional fuels with alternative energy sources. The international experience of the countries in the field of efficient use of available natural resources of the fuel and energy complex and enhancement of the potential of the energy sector have been analyzed. A number of common characteristics and directions of energy efficiency improvement for European countries are highlighted. Alternative types of energy and measures necessary for their implementation have been offered. The potential resources of renewable energy sources have been analyzed. The article is devoted to the use of economical and ecological type of fuel - biofuel for Ukraine. On the basis of the analysis of the situation on the energy market, renewable energy is examine, which plays a compensatory role in global energy consumption in the conditions of growing exhaustion of non-renewable sources.


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