Keywords: place, topos, urbanism, square, accessible, open, private


The article investigates the problem of analyzing the functioning of the urban public space in the prose works of the urban writer E. Pashkovsky. The author of the article focuses on various approaches to the interpretation of the concept of “public space”, including legal-economic, socio-spatial and political. The article also reveals the main functions that such a space performs in the writer’s prose works, including political, socialization and the function of a meeting place. E. Pashkovsky in his works depicts the main topos is the city of Kiev, and in accordance with this, the author of the study singles out public and private space in it. The defining key aspect of the public space of the city of Kiev in the writer’s works is the image of such a space as a place for debate and a place for socialization. In accordance with the aforementioned aspects, Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk become similar places in the texts of novels and essays. But modern cities are characterized by the absence of a clear distinction between private and public space due to the rapid commercialization processes. The public space plays a leading role in the functioning of the city. It combines physical and social dimensions. This combination makes the city integral.


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